Health Care

on Wednesday, 25 September 2013. Posted in Photoshop and Illustrator Class

Seeking to cut costs and improve care for its employees, General Electric has taken a hands-on approach with hospitals and doctors.


Getting through the health care maze.    Read the article 


The red cross art was created in abode illustrator as a flat vector using the pen tool with a stroke size of 5pt or more. I later added the 3D located on the menu: under effect / 3d / exteude & bevel. This gave me a weird shape and color but gave me the 3D.  I save the file as a jpeg and reopened it in photoshop cs5. Under photoshop I colored the art red and straighten the cross under edit / transformed / distort. I like this feature in photoshop because it gives the user complete control over the shape of the art. After the art was completed I designed the page. See the lo here

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