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on Wednesday, 18 September 2013. Posted in Photoshop and Illustrator Class

Bill Provides Reset Button for Youngsters’ Online Posts. Giving Kids a second chance on social media.


Last minute illustration. Can you beleive this concept was done in 1 hr?   Read the article


This art was created in Photoshop CS5 using layers.
The two main pieces of art is the model 
and the chalk board see sample. 
a. The model (2) was placed on the bottom layer.
b. The chalk board (1) was placed on top.
c. I made the chalk board (1) into a mulitply layer. 
D. I used the magic wand to select the erased swiped area and deleted it.
E. Now we can see the model in the erased area.
F. I silouetted the hand and the eraser from the image (1)
G.Then made the hand and the easer (3) a new top layer, set to normal.
H. I later added the grafitti, beer bottles, and club scene in seperate layers set to different filters like multiply, lighten, darken.
 I. The last effect I wanted to do was to pop the eraser. So changed the color from that dark blue to a green using my selection tool, contrats and levels.   
Then I designed the page. See the Lo.

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