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on Wednesday, 20 November 2013. Posted in Photoshop and Illustrator Class

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Magnetic-Toy Recall Gives Rise to Wider Legal Campaign    Read the article 


The bullseye idea was designed with one magnetic Bucky Ball.
BUCKEYWHITEA low res image that was res-up for production purposes. l clip the egdes of the magnetic ball to make it appear smooth. Several colors of the ball was produced in photoshop.

I imported the art in adobe illustrator and started buliding out each rows of the bullseye one at a time.  This was achived by selecting the rotate tool.

First import the image onto the canvas and select it. While still in its selection mode hold down the option key (on a mac)  select the rotate tool and click on the page. A rotate ange box will appear. Type in a radius number of your choice and select copy. Then press command "d" on the key board to duplicate that move until a circle is made.  

This process was repeated several times to achive the correct radius  and distance between each ball and row thus giving us the final result of the bullseye.  Cool ;> 

  See the lo here


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